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  • Release Date: 2011-07-13
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  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Snap, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    3/5 ( 390,934 Reviews)
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Snapchat App Ratings: 3
Based on 390,934 Reviews

Snapchat App Description

Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping! * * * Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!


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App Reviews

  • Snap is basically one of my fave things ever, but annoying prob when adding people

    By Alex2418
    Whenever I try to add someone, if I add them first and they add me back, I can see their stories, but not their snap scores and I cant snap them. If they add me first it’s not a problem, but it’s really annoying because whenever I add them first and they add me back, I have to go unadd them and then go to added me and readd them.

    By Thisosme

    By Madrizzlemozzy
    When i go to check a message/snap from someone the APP KEEPS CLOSING!!! Please fix asap
  • Keeps freezing

    By Feki725
    Why all of a sudden does this app freeze when taking videos?? So frustrating when it’s closes the app all on its own when you’ve recorded a video, and erasing the entire thing.
  • Snapchat for iOS - They’ve fixed stuff!

    By SirHobbes3
    I recently wrote a review about Snapchat complaining primarily about the poor implementation with the camera. However after the most recent update it seems like the developers have been working on this issue and I have not noticed it. That is a very welcome fix and I am glad to see that they worked to fix it! However their recent changes to the interface have made it more difficult to navigate in my opinion and I frequently find myself pulling up something I didn’t want or exiting out of the camera while I am trying to zoom in. Their focus should be more on improving the app and its features instead of shoving more ads and unwanted content down young people’s throats. I have pretty much hidden every story I can because I don’t care about a click bait Cosmopolitan article or some lame celebrity news.
  • Questionable Functionality

    By DarkJeroid
    Snapchat has all the filters you can think of, a Geomap option, where one can get to see their friends’ locations at any time of day, integrated Bitmoji options. But never do I see a functionality change, aside from bug fixes. My main concern is how Snapchat is cluttered with useless storage. I understand how a temporary lens and other subcategory options was implemented to remove this clutter, in a means of saving storage. However, this is not enough, users are unable to delete messages. We can “clear” messages, meaning that we remove them from sight, but we can never actually delete them and the whole conversation. The issue is that this is a basic function any social media site such as Facebook and Instagram has. If you choose to delete a message, then it is permanently deleted on your end. If the other user wanted to keep those messages, then they would simply save them. Furthermore, if a friend were to save a message then the other person associated with that conversation is stuck with that message until that friend decides to remove that save. Which will make the experience of opening their conversation slowed. Another point to raise is how we are unable to change our usernames, we’re basically stuck with the same username that we’ve made from years ago. Creating a new Snapchat has become cumbersome because then one would have to add the same friends all over again. The consequence is that these drawbacks makes Snapchat feel like an outdated piece of programming that focuses on the wrong issues. Sure, one can use geolocation and drain your battery to hell, geotag your location to a restaurant or hot spot in a photo, utilize the vast library of Bitmoji’s, send cash through Snapchat, but can’t delete messages nor change their usernames at any given notice just like Instagram, Twitter. Maybe the work to change the functionality that way is difficult to do now that Snapchat has everything they have now. But it is a desperation of mine that’s been aching my heart away. Not being able to do a function you want to do, it feels like a missing feature for an app that’s been out for years. To finish, there are three kinds of ratings I could give this app. Performance: 2/5 It is not exactly smooth when I go from the settings option to camera mode. When I pop into a conversation, there is a minor wait time that becomes a drag because it’s often due to previous messages that are loading. - A suggestion: Include option to delete messages, and perhaps a “lock camera” mode for users. This would give us the option to optimize our app and not have to worry about cruising our Snapchat when we just want to text people. Storage: 3/5 Storage is mediocre, it varies depending on user viewing of stories and overall use of Snapchat. The more someone uses the app, the more storage it uses, which is counterintuitive. Battery: 3/5 Battery is questionable, because it drains it significantly if one uses Snapchat while enabling the “See my location” option. It also overworks the phone when one tries using location-based filters. Also, the fact that the camera is always on while utilizing the app, is a key factor in poor battery life, which explains the “lock camera” option. Average score is about 2.8/5 Snapchat is far from being revolutionary, however we do require basic feature in order to admire it at its core.
  • Glitches

    By Koolgame
    Recently after getting the new IOS update, everytime i get a snapchat notification it pauses the music i’m listening to. I have tried fixing it by turning of my snap notifications but it still pauses the song when i get a snap. It has become very frustrating and makes me want to delete the app. Please find a way to fix it.
  • What's wrong with streaks??

    By Gemzoomzoom
    Listen. Your app is amazing, but has a huge issue. Streaks always mysteriously disappear. Three people that I almost had 100 with had our streaks completely gone. We ALL sent each other things yesterday for a FACT!! This has happened more than once!! One time, me and my friend literally SPAMMED each other one day! The next morning, our streak of almost 100 was missing!! This isn't fair! Why does this keep happening? If you don't choose to fix your issues, you are going to lose your customers considering how old this complaint has been said in other reviews. I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna support an app that is so lazy as to fix this very big issue. This issue is literally your entire app! So please fix it!
  • Recording video failure

    By Quini3
    Constantly lagging and freezing after I just updated to the newest one. I’m on a new iPhone 7.
  • It is not compatible with iPhone X

    By شاكر لكم
    It is not compatible with iPhone X