2RedBeans - #1 Chinese Dating

2RedBeans - #1 Chinese Dating

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  • App Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2014-06-23
  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 40.67 MB
  • Developer: 2RedBeans.com
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    3/5 ( 42 Reviews)
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2RedBeans - #1 Chinese Dating App Ratings: 3
Based on 42 Reviews

2RedBeans - #1 Chinese Dating App Description

2RedBeans.com is the biggest and most active Chinese dating site. Many connect, fall in love, and start families everyday through 2RedBeans. 两颗红豆网是海外最大、最活跃的华人婚恋交友网站。 两颗红豆网是江苏卫视 2012《非诚勿扰》美国专场的唯一指定交友网站, 东方卫视 2014《百里挑一》美国专场的唯一指定网上报名点。 两颗红豆网用户质量高,配对率高,已有很多成功案例。单身靠谱的你想与同样单身靠谱的TA相知相近相亲吗?快来加入两颗红豆吧! With 2RedBeans you can: • Browse millions of overseas Chinese's profiles for free • Wink and start conversations for free • Get daily recommendations of quality singles for free • Participate in our local singles events • Search based on your custom criteria • Message anyone without restriction 在两颗红豆,你可以: • 免费搜索、浏览上百万海外华人 • 免费与单身异性抛媚眼和搭讪 • 免费每日推荐优质单身异性 • 参加我们丰富的线下活动,帮你找到合适的另一半 • 个性化精确搜索,帮助你找到最适合你的人 • 与任何喜欢的人自由聊天 Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at contact@2redbeans.com


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App Reviews

  • Why can’t I save the vip selections?

    By Jason 0808
    强烈要求在下一个版本增加vip条件的保存,有如下几个建议意见: 1. 你以为app保存了你的条件,比如未婚,无孩子,满心欢心地打开了某个用户的资料,发现对方有孩子。如果可以根据我是否是VIP的状态保存条件,就可以避免这种浪费时间精力的操作,专注于符合自己条件的人。很多其他网站都有类似的功能,我觉得贵公司可以参考下。 2.我觉得甚至可以开发一个save 搜索的功能,比如我想找纽约,未婚,无孩子,保存为纽约,以此类推找费城的就根据选择条件保存设置名为费城,这样用户就不用来回切换了,只要选择那个保存搜索的名字就行。 个人觉得目前办的可以,如果能倾听用户的意见,及时改进,那就再好不过了。大家的时间很宝贵,我不只一次写了这个建议,都没有得到合适的回复。要知道不是每个人都会提意见,大家都是用脚投票的,不满意了是可以换的。这也是我最后一次就这个问题提供建议。希望贵公司能考虑。谢谢。
  • Quality user but buggy app

    By 2rb_paid_user
    Hey dude you got to make your app shinier for the price you are asking for. Picture functionality is terrible. Even you organize them, which is hard to do in this app, they will still get shuffled, very disappointing.
  • Good app but sometimes buggy

    By missyouu
    It is a good app, better than a lot of the other social apps. The people here are serious in finding a relationship, unlike the other apps where many of them only look for hookups. People here are also more educated and have a good character. I don’t know about people who said they didn’t get replies. But sometimes I also don’t reply to many of them because 1. I’m busy 2. I saw it and forgot to reply or 3. I just don’t think he and I will be a good match (no offense). It would be a lot better if the fee for VIP is cheaper though..
  • Bad app

    By Mr bathtub
    I can't believe I paid $120 and still I get no replies at all it's as if the profiles are fake or something
  • برنامج غير مجاني

    By Paint-1
    برنامج يعطيك نقاط قليلة ومجرد التحدث لشخص او شخصين لارسال رسالة خلصت النقاط ويطلب منك شراء نقاط بالمال ولم يعجبني ابدا ولم استطع الاستمرار في التعارف والتواصل وايضا هناك من الحسابات الوهمية من يضع صورة وهمية ولاكثر من حساب وهمي وبعد استخدامك النقاط في مراسلة الشخص نفسه الوهمي نكتشف انه حساب وهمي وضيع النقاط عليك ولا تستطيع ارسال رسائل مرة اخرى وارسلت شكوى للبرنامج ولم يستجيب احد منهم وبرنامج فاشل غير مجاني للتواصل اسوة بباقي البرامج
  • Never download this app

    By Winnior
    You will soon to find out this app will need to spend a lot of money to do anything......
  • fun to use Chinese daying App

    By JennyZhou_1988
    Love the app!! I have been searching for a dating app only for Chinese for a long time. My roommate introduced 2RedBeans to me last month and I have met many great guys here. There are some bugs on pic opening but overall it's easy to use
  • Kept log me out

    By 李興
    What happened to the app? For the past few days only can log in for 2-3 hours. The server is not reliable at all and very buggy. Plus the service is too costly while the active girls are close to none and yet too many are just waiting to be knocked or even fake.
  • very buggy and disappointing update

    By clement.y
    1. Chinese characters became random characters. 2. jumping from chat history to user profile no longer works. 3. Recently viewed by me impossible to use it keeps jumping and changing 4. Auto hide top and bottom Nav bars good intention but works poorly in practice it would randomly show up when scroll down inertia is close to stop.
  • So many bugs in this app

    By Loren Shea man
    I can't believe that how come the software QA would allow this app to be published. There are countless bugs in this app, which is even more than the previous version. With the high salary in Nor Cal, those software developer just give us this sh*t?!