Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Designed & Published By Rovio Entertainment Ltd

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-07-30
  • Current Version: 2.15.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 516.44 MB
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 (117,426 Reviews)
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Angry Birds 2 App Ratings: 4
Based on 117,426 Reviews

Angry Birds 2 App Description

Join hundreds of millions of players for FREE and start your Angry Birds slingshot adventure now! Team up with your friends, gather in clans and take on challenges and events in the all new game modes. Are you ready to evolve your birds and show your skills in the most daring Angry Birds game out there? **Angry Birds 2 is optimized for iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini 2 and iPod Touch 5G or newer. You can try it on older devices, but we can't guarantee a smooth bird flinging experience! CHOOSE YOUR BIRD! It’s the ultimate slingshot action strategy – YOU choose which bird to fling next! “But that makes it easier, right?” WRONG! You’ll need to choose wisely if you’re going to stop those eggs from getting scrambled. Plus, crush those pigs and blocks to fill up the Destruct-O-Meter and earn extra birds! NEW MULTI-STAGE LEVELS! You’ve never seen Piggy Island like this – jaw-droppingly stunning levels brimming with exotic plants, quirky details, fun animations and plenty of peril. Those naughty porkies are now experts at building physics defying towers: levels now have multiple stages for an added challenge. Uh oh. SPECTACULAR SPELLS! Blizzards, Hot Chilis, Golden Ducks and other outrageous spells give you an added advantage against those swindling swine. And when you need some serious help, guess who’s at hand to make a pork-smashing cameo? That’s right, it’s the sardine loving Mighty Eagle. Oh yeah! CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS! Challenge players from across the world in the Arena to see who’s the best bird flinger of them all! Connect to Facebook and play new tournaments every day to earn feathers and level-up your flock. In the Arena you play until you run out of birds and spells, so get out there and solve the puzzles – you’re only up against the rest of the planet. DEFEAT BOSS PIGGIES! There’s some serious bad guys on Piggy Island, and your slingshot skills are needed to take them down. Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and the infamous King Pig will stop at nothing to keep your eggs. Are you gonna let ‘em get away with that? It’s time to hit that pork and teach ‘em a lesson. ** Unity Awards 2015 Finalist! ** ----------------------------- Follow: ----------------------------- Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Either way, get ready to rain destruction on those swindling swine! This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse to any web page - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from third parties This game may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. When the game is played for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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App Reviews

  • Awesome Game!

    By thewiggles247
    This game is awesome and entertaining for my kids and I enjoy playing it so much I can't put it down!
  • This Game Is Awesome!

    By avenger bird
    This is a game I play on a daily. Love it!
  • No

    By BD257
    I really want to like this game but the flaws are terrible. The game freezes daily, when it does your arena gets reset and you have to start over, you can't complete challenges without spending money and the game is really tilted against you. I'm a level 151, I just played a level 143. I went through my turns flawlessly and lost by 1.3 million points. That should be impossible. He didn't even use any boosts. There are levels that are impossible where there are places that you can't reach the pigs.......I could go on but I think you get the point. The game has potential and hopefully will be fixed. Update: I am now deleting this game, there is just too much Hokies stuff going on to get you to spend money to advance. Rovio, I would rather buy a game then to get one for free and have to pay to advance in it!
  • Ggggggghhreat

    By Mememeja
  • Always fun

    By zeddhead
  • Level 832 don't install this game.

    By goshira
    Foreword: (if you value your time and a sense of fair play then don't waste your time this Garbage. Do something else with your day, do some push-ups, a crossword, go watch grass grow, it will eventually eat up gigs worth of space and raise your blood pressure. During hard levels they inure and glue blocks together and change the game play, they place things n the way to waste birds and even stack the birds in their favor, typically after fruitless attempts to pass these "hard" levels, they will dumb them down by throwing away the top hat magician jerk and adding gold shiny pigs, astronauts and the purple lasso jerk to make it manageable, but not before you kill way too much time on pointlessness, they hope you will purchase junk along the way to help) They've done it again. Changed the physics of the game by dubbing a level as "hard". Not clever, just lazy. Level 843 "hard" another lazy stupid embarrassingly cheating piece of trash. Level 903, once again I am lead to the assumption that you are cheating us with your game crafting, how can a chunk of concrete hitting a pig on the head from high up off screen not satisfy the effect of rendering said pig deceased? Subtract 14.2 stars. Query for you, how would one know the game is rigged? Answer: When playing the tower why does your very first pick never reveal a pig? level 963, "hard" label, rubbish again.. Minus 5,256 stars for laziness. Still on 963, how about a little respect for your patrons jerks. Still still on 963, cheating piece of crap. Yep, still on 963, I've created a game of my own, come play it angry bird dudes, it is fair sometimes and then i just suspend what you know and replace it with bs, you can buy stuff to help you though...level 966, go play it now, I'll wait gamecrafters, what a farce this is turning into. So, I'm about to beat king pig and I run out of birds, options are watch video for extra bird, use 60 jewels for continuation or X out, I opt for watch video and no workie, but you sure as heck can buy a package at this point, it'll let you punch that button you money grubbing jerks. The csr2 and other ads are crashing the game on my iPad, can you figure out how to offer information on these other games that I am not even remotely interested in and will never play without it aggravating the main reason I am even playing, which is to finish this farce before you can add more levels, and in turn delete it? Level 980, go give it a whirl developers, I'll wait. Level 986, you make it six sub levels deep, with jacked up physics and a magician pig with contempt for your players who have made you successful. Seriously, still on level 986, I am not going to buy anything just because you make it impossible, I'll just wait you out until your algorithm makes it so that the game play comes back to reality. Not asking too much but try evening out the game play, when you create levels that are so disparate from the others it is infuriating and insulting. Level 1003, impossible unless we buy your stuff, can't wait to complete everything and delete this contemptuous trash. "They can be really helpful" you know what can be really helpful? Having the same rules apply across the board in your rigged game. Level 1013, can't wait to finish the levels as a matter of principal so that I can free up space on the iPad, hope I can do it before they add any more bs gameplay. Level 1066, there is a pig that lives off screen on an iPad mini on the first sub level that you are expected to know is there or you no pass, seriously, way to go dilweeds. Also don't expect the rockets to bounce in your favor, you can hit them till the proverbial cows come home, one just rebounded and came back to rest on top of a pig with no effect. Ok, just had the game freeze up after watching one your adverts to gain an extra life, that's it. Dumping you junk farmers now and forever, waste of freaking time. Level 1093, when you give us a chance to watch the video for an extra life and then the game locks up so that we have to relaunch and watch another crappy ad for something that we will not partake of it really pisses us off, I don't want or will ever need lactose free activia with a gazillion active whatever cultures or some crappy ww2 game that I already know the outcome of. Also there is a combination big gear/little wheel thing that the pigs use for who knows what, give it some substance, what is it balsawood? If it's worth being in the game, being in my way and affecting my gameplay then let that son of a gun crash down and damage something for crying out loud. Level 1100, you guys should be embarrassed at how stacked against us this level is, you show too much disdain for the people whom you are preying on in search of money. For shame. Level 1220, I would like to meet the individuals who are responsible for this level.
  • Love it

    By LadyWildCard13
    Great game. Very addictive.
  • Crash and burn.

    By Bookshelfish
    First it was Watch a video! You have been chosen to spend money! Watch a video! You have been chosen to spend money! Watch a... I'm sure you catch my drift. Now it crashes before it even opens. They have taken all of the joy out of the most joyful game ever produced. Update. Got a new iPad and decided to try game, again. Freezes constantly. Bye bye birdie.
  • Awesome game!

    By Anaheim99
    Fun and impressive
  • Great game + addicting

    By BartSimpson28
    I love angry birds, so I was extremely excited when they came out with this. I’m still getting used to the picture quality, but it’s still fun